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rvinginnewengland's podcast

RVing in New England is a weekly podcast covering the RV Industry, RV Manufacturing, RV Community, Camping and a whole lot more!

Dec 21, 2022

I first met Greg around 2000 when he came into the RV industry as an old-fashioned investigative reporter who researched what he was writing about and provided commentary – sometimes controversial – on opinions about the opportunities and challenges we encounter every day. Greg left the industry after nineteen years and pursued freelance opportunities in the RV and Outdoor Hospitality industries. He is also the voice of the Workamper News podcast and produces media releases for the NRVTA in Texas.
His journey led him to an awakening to find a real purpose in life, and it came around his 60th birthday. His investigation into this field led him to some very interesting people and he discovered that many of these people found new careers – for a variety of reasons – after they turned 50 years old.Greg founded Forward from 50 to write about these people, blog about these people and help others to find a new life doing something that they are truly passionate about.Join us as we talk about RVs, RVers, life after 50 and why it is so important to do work that you are absolutely passionate about.