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rvinginnewengland's podcast

RVing in New England is a weekly podcast covering the RV Industry, RV Manufacturing, RV Community, Camping and a whole lot more!

Nov 30, 2021

John and AJ will discuss how a new generation of RVers are using RVs to do more backpacking, hiking and fishing while using an RV was their base. In other words, truly enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer outdoor enthusiasts. AJ discusses how he and his wife converted a 30-year-old BOUNDER RV into an ultra modern hotel on wheels after their floor to ceiling renovation….with no prior renovating experience.

Our fans will be able to ask AJ what problems he encountered during the renovation and what he has used the RV, nicknamed DORIS for on his travels through the Western United States. Tune in tonight for something different, something fun, and something that will make you think about hitting the road!