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rvinginnewengland's podcast

RVing in New England is a weekly podcast covering the RV Industry, RV Manufacturing, RV Community, Camping and a whole lot more!

Nov 12, 2020

Podcaster, writer and RV industry consultant, Greg Gerber, returns to the show this week.
It’s no secret that our industry is enjoying an influx of new RV owners that have never experienced the lifestyle before, nor have they been in a campground. Now, more than ever, it is important for our industry to provide products and services that will keep them in the lifestyle for many years into the future.
Greg Gerber has been consulting with several companies that are Associate Members of NERVDA this year. The National RV Training Academy offers technical training courses for RV technicians and consumers to help fill the many open positions in our industry today. Consumers can travel the country and be members of Workamper that allows them to find jobs and earn money while on the road. A new program, the Small Business RV Boot Camp will teach consumers everything they need to launch their entrepreneurial dreams with a “work from the road” business. Or consumers can simply buy a “Tech in a Box” technical training course that will allow them to fix most common problems they may encounter with their RV. You don’t want to miss this show tonight.