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rvinginnewengland's podcast

RVing in New England is a weekly podcast covering the RV Industry, RV Manufacturing, RV Community, Camping and a whole lot more!

May 24, 2021

Nathan and Alicia Lawson will open their ”dream come true” campground on June 1 – and it’s only a five-minute walk from one of NASCAR’s most popular racing venues. You will love the story about how they purchased this property and built a new campground.

Their successful business ventures and careers in real...

May 13, 2021

John found Eric Jackson a few months ago when he read a story about a dog driving a motorhome into a lake. It was Eric’s motorhome and he’s a full-time Rver, a World Champion and Olympic Kayaker, a very successful entrepreneur, and a YouTube star. He is a four-time world champion and Olympian who is considered the...

May 13, 2021

Exciting things are happening in New England with Blue Water Development and their two campgrounds and a new Adventure Land experience opening this week. One of our newest Associate Members has major investments in the outdoor hospitality industry right here in New England. John goes solo this week as he welcomes...

May 3, 2021

Our guests tonight are Tony and Peggy Barthel from

May 3, 2021

Our guest this week is Randy Murray, Director of Service at Pete's RV Centers.

Baseball has returned, flowers are blooming, good weather is arriving and that can only mean one thing, we better get Randy Murray back on the show to make sure you kick off the camping season the right way. And that means understanding all...