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rvinginnewengland's podcast

RVing in New England is a weekly podcast covering the RV Industry, RV Manufacturing, RV Community, Camping and a whole lot more!

Apr 16, 2021

Meet Heather Ryan, She’s here to help!
There are a lot of RVers that are going to want to meet Heather tonight. She is the “tax queen” for location-independent business owners. As an enrolled agent (EA), she is a federally licensed tax practitioner authorized to practice before the IRS in every state. She takes...

Apr 8, 2021

Please join us tonight at 7PM as we test out a new broadcasting platform for RVing in New England. Bob, John, Billie McNamara and Bill Sell will give their final report leading up to the New England RV and Camping Expo that takes place on Saturday and Sunday.